Hi, I’m Krista

I’m obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs scale their business so they can say goodbye to time consuming tasks and long work weeks.  I help strategize and execute the set up of back-end processes and automated systems so that you can spend less time in your day to day operations and more time growing your business.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in the mountains

Listening to

90’s pop

grateful for

amazing supportive hubs

Favorite place

andros island

my weekends

diy home reno projects

best snuggle buddies

my pups

Where this all began

Many years ago, you would have found me working at a Fortune 500 Financial Institution as a performance Consultant and Project Manager.

Growing tired of the corporate world and longing for something bigger, I started my journey as an entrepreneur in 2015. I developed and sold my own brand of chalky finish furniture paint  (a creative passion I’ve had since I was teen!)

My wakeup call was when we hired our first team member.  It was an absolute disaster. Of no fault of her own, she did not know the way we did things and I had no documentation or official training  to help her feel empowered to complete her tasks.  This resulted in thousands of dollars of wasted time and money.

Fast forward several years when my business was running like a well-oiled machine.  Processes were documented, we all knew what to do (and how to do it) and I was spending almost no time in my day to day operations. 

Automated systems and back-end processes saved my business.  And, when I decided to sell the paint line in the Summer of 2021, my well documented processes and systems were what sealed the deal for the buyer. 

Today, I have the honor of empowering female entrepreneurs to create a path for success in their business. By harnessing automated systems and encouraging team collaboration, I assist them with delivering first-rate client experiences so they can break free from mundane operations and instead concentrate on utilizing their strengths – generating revenue and expanding into new ventures!