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SEO strategy for online coaches, service providers, agencies and digital course creators

Does this sound familiar?

You start working with a company that specializes in seo…

“We’ll get you ranked on page one of Google”; they say…


“You’ll get TONS of free traffic from Google”; they say…


“We’ll use the best keywords!”; they say…

Excited about the possibility, you whip out your credit card and hire these self proclaimed “SEO Gurus” to work their magic.

Three months pass and…..nothing. Your website is not ranking for any of the keywords the gurus promised. 

Ok, I’ll give it more time, you think to yourself.  They did say this would take time…

Six months pass….still zero results.

Nine months pass…nada.

A feeling of uneasiness takes over and you decide to end the relationship with the gurus and try SEO strategy on your own

You find a SEO strategy course online and it promises sure fire ways to rank organically in Google

They teach “strategies” that include…


using the google keyword search tool

because it’s free (what they don’t mention is that this is a wildly inaccurate tool and when used by itself, tells you next to nothing you need to know about the possibility of ranking for keywords)


thinking of a “whole bunch” of terms

you want to rank for (spoiler alert: this theory is only as good as the analysis that goes behind the terms, which they don’t teach)


telling you to Google search terms

you want to rank for…and it there are xx number of searches, that means you could rank (fact: this is flat out bad advice)

You do all. the. things. only to end up with the same results as when you hired the “gurus”

Only this time, you wasted your hard earned money AND your time on a course that was supposed to have all the SEO answers

If you’re tired of empty promises, bad SEO advice and no results, pull up a chair and listen closely

  • It’s not your fault
  • There is a better way
  • Organic traffic from Google can happen
  • But it takes a real strategy that includes brainstorming, analysis, validation and a concrete process to see results


SEOmg! is the ONLY SEO strategy you’ll need to get your coaching or service based business ranked in Google and reap the benefit of thousands of eyes on your offers month after month.

Image a world where…

  • You’re no longer bleeding money trying to figure out this whole SEO thing
  • You feel unwavering confidence in your abilities to drive organic traffic to your site
  • Every page and post you publish on your website is SEO optimized
  • You wake up to hundreds of organic views day after day
  • Forget social media, you can now count on targeted, sustainable organic traffic

Hi, I’m Krista!

I help your website get the attention it deserves with high-quality, targeted organic traffic from Google

Founder and CEO of The Process Boss, vintage collector and avid dog lover. 

I created SEOmg! in response to hearing time after time from coaches, online service providers and digital course creators that SEO “just doesn’t work”.

They’ve tried all the things.  Paid all the people. And saw no results. 

Some hadn’t even touched the topic of SEO because of the horror stories they heard.

My SEO story sounds quite similar to the ones above. Relying on SEO gurus and buying do-it-yourself style courses, only to be left with no results. 

Growing tired of bleeding money and wasting time, I did what I do best. Brainstormed ideas, analyzed data, validated theories and developed a process. 

It took me 2+ years to discover the secrets of SEO and getting organic traffic from Google. 

The SEO strategy I created took my website from a few hundred views per month to over 10,000 organic views in under 9 months.

And once I discovered how powerful the process really was, I exclaimed; “Omg, I cracked the SEO code!”  Hence the course name, SEOmg! (see what I did there? ;))

Today, I’m here to arm female entrepreneurs with the power of organic Google traffic. With SEOmg! you’ll create a strategy that launch like rockets and attract high-paying coaching clients while your digital products fly off virtual shelves faster than you can say “sold out!”

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover in SEOmg!…

In Module One, we’ll pull back the curtain and reveal what really works (and doesn’t) with SEO. Get your light saber ready – it’s time to get schooled in all things search engine optimization!

In Module Two, you’ll develop a sharp-shooter approach to keyword research. No more wasting time with guesswork. You’ll use hard data and calculated decisions to uncover the key phrases that are just easy enough for YOU – yes, YOU! – to reach page one of Google.

You’ve done the hard work to find good keywords – now let me show you how their strength will help solidify your ranking on Google. Ready? Let’s get validated.

In Module Four, you will learn the power of SEO-optimized content and discover how to craft engaging copy that will draw readers in and persuade them to become your paying customers.

In Module Five, I’ll teach you my secret technical structure that ensures each page has maximum SEO optimization, allowing those ‘Google gods’ to bask in all of your content’s glory.

SEOMg! course value…$1,997
Plus You’ll Get These Bonuses:

The exact step-by-step process to take to get existing content to rank on Google…$297 Value

How to use AI copywriting tools to help create content for your website (even if you HATE writing)…$197 value

When + how to use Pinterest for additional organic traffic – my simple yet effective method…$97 value

total course value…$2,588

Now, I know that not everyone can drop over $2,500 on a digital course. And my goal is to make this a no-brainer decision for you. 

Because I know my fellow lady boss coaches, online service providers and digital course creators need this now.  

SEOmg! is THE ANSWER to gaining organic website traffic from Google.

I don’t want you to start getting organic traffic someday….I want you to get started TODAY

So  I’ve priced it so you don’t have to worry about how in the world you are going to pay this off.

Limited Time Offer!

Choose your price

from $177 – $333

Normally, SEOmg! sells for $555.

For the first time ever, I’m offering SEOmg! at an unbeatable “choose-your-price” rate. You choose how much you’d like to pay from $177 – $333.

Forget shelling out $2,500+ – now you can get all this goodness in return for pocket change. So what are you waiting for? Grab it before everyone else does and start transforming businesses like a pro!

Why Focus on Organic Website Traffic from Google?

If you want to get targeted eyes on your online offers, you need website traffic

(captain obvious here, I know, I know…)

HOW you choose to get that traffic will vary.  You can….

Spend countless hours creating content for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook only to have your content, along with your shot at website traffic, die within 48 hours

Pray that a social post goes viral and reap the benefit of a spike in website traffic (hint: that traffic will widdle away as quickly as it came in, trust me)

Pay Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc… to promote your offer, website page, etc… via paid ads

Spend all your time creating “fresh pins” for Pinterest only to have the traffic highs and lows similar to a Six Flags theme park roller coaster


You can follow my four step SEO strategy and reap the benefit that organic Google traffic provides: Sustainable, predictable website views month over month, year over year. 

Want in? Click the button below and I’ll see you inside


SEOmg! is an online digital course that is delivered in it’s entirety after purchase.

SEOmg! is a self paced course. The time to complete the course may widely vary person by person. As a general guideline, I recommend putting aside at least a couple hours per week for about 4-6 weeks to learn + digest + execute what you’ve learned. Or, you can of course, binge watch and get through it all in a week!

Yes. There is one keyword research tool that you will need to subscribe to. The level of subscription you’ll need will run under $20/month. It is the most cost effective keyword tool on the market and will set your keyword strategy up for success. I’ll note that there is a free version of this tool, however, it will likely not provide enough data to complete your keyword research (but you can always try it!)

There are other tools I recommend throughout the course, but these tools are not required to achieve ranking on Google.

It starts with written content. Period. It does not matter if that written content comes from a blog or a video/podcast that is transcribed and published in a written format on your website. In order for Google to notice your website, it must have written content that is SEO optimized. SEOmg! teaches you exactly how to create and SEO optimize your blog posts, transcribed videos and/or podcasts.

Of course, it is not only about written content…you also need to find quality keywords that you could reasonably rank for, produce quality content, provide better content than your competition and make your website is technically sound. All the things I teach in SEOmg! :)

No. But you wont need one. If you follow the exact steps outlined in SEOmg! you will see results. In order to get the results, you must do the work. Do the work, and reap the benefit. I stand by my products and the promises that I make. In the (extremely rare) event you follow every step outlined in the course, can show that you’ve followed every step, and are still not ranking in Google after 6-9 months of consistent implementation, I will personally provide you a virtual Loom recorded feedback session where I will help fill any gaps and get you on track to ranking success!

For those who sign up for SEOmg! and are looking for more personal touch (ie: support as you work through the program), from time to time, I offer a VIP package that includes personal feedback from me and a one on one SEO strategy session. If you see this option at checkout, it means I have some open spots – grab one while they last! I do not offer SEO training/coaching unless you are an SEOmg! student (with the exception of the white glove service mentioned below).

I also offer a white glove service where I train you and up to 2 members of your team personally on my SEO strategy over a 6 week period. I develop the process, tasks, tools and resources required to execute my SEO strategy in your business so you/your team can get up to speed fast. Investment for this service starts at $5,555. Contact me if you are interested.

You will have lifetime access! This means so long as the course is active and not retired, you will have access. If the day comes that it does retire, you will be able to download all content and save it to you computer.

No. This is strictly for online coaches, online service providers, online agencies, etc.. that can take on clients nationwide. The overall concepts are geared toward US searches. If you are based outside of the US, this may not be the best course for you.