ThriveCart Learn: The BEST LMS Platform for Your Online Course Business

In this article: Is ThriveCart Learn the best LMS system for your business? Read on to find out!

Some of the most common questions I get are around what tech stack an online business owner should use. While the answer can vary drastically from business to business, there is one Learning Management System (LMS) that I recommend over any other platform.

It can be overwhelming to decide which Learning Management System (LMS) is the best fit for your online course business.

With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to start and how each platform compares.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you why ThriveCart Learn is the best LMS platform for your online course business.

ThriveCart Learn

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Overview of ThriveCart Learn

ThriveCart Learn is a LMS that provides an all-in-one platform for creating, delivering, and managing online courses. It offers easy setup and customization features to help you quickly get your course up and running.

You can create interactive lessons with multimedia content such as audio, video, images, text documents and more. You can also set up automated enrollment processes to streamline the process of getting students enrolled in your course.

What I love most about ThriveCart Learn is how it flawlessly integrates with ThriveCart checkout pages. This eliminates the needs for additional integrations (ie: Zapier, etc..).

Your client checks out and voila! With a couple of backend clicks, they are added to the applicable course. Efficiency at its finest :)

Who benefits from ThriveCart Learn

ThriveCart Learn is an amazing platform for online course businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting out or have a fully established business, the platform can help you reach new heights with your online course business.

Small businesses are especially well-suited to benefit from ThriveCart Learn. The easy setup and customization features make it ideal for startup entrepreneurs who need to get set up quickly and start monetizing their courses as soon as possible.

The drag and drop editor makes it easy to create interactive lessons that engage students in the material, and the automated enrollment process simplifies the process of getting students enrolled in your course.

Businesses with more established platforms will also find a lot to love with ThriveCart Learn. It integrates seamlessly with ThriveCart checkout pages, eliminating the need for additional integrations such as Zapier.

Plus, its analytics dashboard provides detailed insights on student engagement, course performance, and payment data so that you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your course offerings.

Overall, this platform is a great learning management system for businesses of any size who want to create engaging online courses for their customers. From startups to established businesses, everyone stands to benefit from this powerful LMS platform!

Why ThriveCart Learn is the best LMS platform

I’ve used several LMS platforms including Kajabi, SamCart and Teachable. There are many reasons ThriveCart Learn wins in my book.

From their one-time pricing to their unlimited courses and insanely easy to navigate backend, making the switch to ThriveCart Learn was a no brainer (for me and for many of my clients) once ThriveCart announced their new learn feature.

Additional features I love include…

ThriveCart Learn’s Easy Setup Drag and Drop Editor

ThriveCart Learn is the best LMS platform for those who want to create engaging online courses that drive results. With ThriveCart Learn, you can quickly and easily set up an online course platform with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes creating interactive lessons a breeze.

ThriveCart Learn

Automated Enrollment Process

The automated enrollment process allows you to streamline the process of getting students enrolled in your course, while the analytics dashboard provides detailed insights into student engagement, course performance, and payment data. These features enable you to make informed decisions about how to optimize your course offerings.

Seamless Integration with Other Systems

With ThriveCart Learn, you can also easily integrate with other systems such as email autoresponders, webinars tools and more. This makes it easy to manage different aspects of your online course business from one centralized dashboard. Plus, if you are transferring from another LMS system, ThriveCart Learn makes it effortless to migrate your content over without having to start from scratch.  

A sampling of integrations are in the screenshot below:

ThriveCart Learn

Reliable Customer Support Team

Moreover, ThriveCart Learn’s customer support team is always on hand to assist users with any queries or issues they may have along the way. This excellent customer service sets them apart from the competition as users can expect reliable help throughout the entire journey of creating their online course.

Overall, ThriveCart Learn is a great choice for those who are serious about creating successful online courses as it offers a great deal of flexibility and customization options. Not only does this allow entrepreneurs to tailor their courses according to their unique needs and goals but also provides them with the necessary tools and resources they need to ensure success when launching their online course.

Benefits of using ThriveCart Learn for creating and delivering online courses

ThriveCart Learn is an excellent LMS platform for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to create successful online courses. By using ThriveCart Learn, they can benefit from the following advantages:

Easy to use interface

ThriveCart Learn’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for even beginners to create stunning online courses. Plus, with its easy to navigate dashboard, users will be able to manage different aspects of their course with ease.

Detailed analytics

The analytics dashboard provides detailed insights into student engagement, course performance and payment data. This enables users to make informed decisions about how to optimize their courses for maximum success (ie: increasing revenue)

Comprehensive Tutorials

ThriveCart Learn offers comprehensive tutorials and support to users so that they can easily navigate their way around the platform. Although, I found it to be so intuitive that I didn’t need to reference the tutorials as much as I thought I would!

Massive Cost Savings

ThriveCart Learn offers an affordable one-time pricing with no additional costs or fees for creating and delivering online courses. They also allow unlimited courses. Say good-bye to $100+ monthly fees and limited courses.

ThriveCart Learn

Features that make them stand out from the competition

The number one question everyone has is “What makes ThriveCart Learn different from the competition?”. Some of these I’ve already touched on above but let’s dive into the biggest differentiators for ThriveCart Learn:

One-time Payment

ThriveCart Learn is an affordable, one-time investment that gives you lifetime access to their platform. This means that there are no additional monthly/annual fees or hidden costs for creating and delivering your courses. There is no other learning platform that currently offers this.

To get all features of ThriveCart + Learn, it is currently a one time fee of $885. This includes everything in ThriveCart checkout pages, access to ThriveCart Learn and all the upgrades (which I highly recommend getting).

Unlimited Courses

Unlike other LMS platforms, ThriveCart Learn allows you to create and deliver an unlimited number of courses, without increasing the price. This means that you can easily scale your business and offer a wide range of courses without ever having to worry about exceeding limits or incurring extra costs.

As of writing this article, unlimited courses through competitors have a monthly fee of:

  • Teachable – $119 ($1,428 per year)
  • samcart – $59 ($708 per year)
  • Kajabi – $319 – 100 product max ($3,828 per year)
  • Thinkific – $74 ($888 per year)

As you can see, ThriveCart/Learn’s one time payment, including the two pro add-ons, is cheaper than most of its competitor annual cost.

Drawbacks of ThriveCart Learn

As with any technology, there are some drawbacks that should be considered before deciding if it’s the right platform for you. From a limited range of brand customization options to a lack of self hosting, ThriveCart Learn does have a few limitations. The main ones to note are:

No self hosting

One of the downsides of the platform is that it’s not possible to self-host your course. This means that if you want to offer high quality streaming video, audio and downloadable content, you’ll need a third party service like Vimeo or YouTube.

Files would need to be saved somewhere (like in your Google Drive) then linked into your course since you can not directly upload files into the platform.

It took some getting used to, but the lack of self hosting soon became a non issue once I remembered just how much I’m saving by using ThriveCart Learn.

Limited brand customization options

ThriveCart Learn also has limited brand customization options. This means that you may not be able to fully customize the look and feel of your online course(s).

An example is their course activation email (screenshot below). At this time, there is no way to customize the look and feel of this email. As a workaround, you can always send an additional email from your email provider that is fully branded, welcoming them into the course.

ThriveCart Learn

May not include non course related features you are used to having

Before you click the cancel button on your current LMS account, make sure you are OK with (potentially) not having some of the features you may be used to.

For example, you can build an entire website in Kajabi – and they also have a podcast feature. Remember that ThriveCart/Learn is all about checkout + landing pages and delivery online courses and it does not currently have some additional features you may be using in your current LMS.

While ThriveCart Learn says the “quiz” feature is coming soon, it is not currently an option. So, if your courses depend on this feature, you may need to wait to make the switch.

Not intended to be used as an online “shop”

Finally, ThriveCart Learn is not intended to be used as an online shop. What I mean by this is there is no option to add multiple items to your “cart” like an e-commerce platform, such as Shopify can do.

So, let’s say you have multiple courses that you are promoting all on one website page – if someone wanted to purchase all of the courses listed, they would need to check out one at a time since there is no “add to cart” style option.

That said, ThriveCart has a bundle feature (Pro feature) where you can bundle courses and sell them together. This has been an easy workaround for me and my clients.

If you are happy with the features mentioned above and can live without some of the additional features (or have other solutions to fill the gap), then ThriveCart Learn is the answer.

ThriveCart Learn vs. ThriveCart Learn Plus

First , you may have already heard of ThriveCart, a very popular hosted shopping cart software. ThriveCart Learn is the LMS portion of ThriveCart where you can create and sell digital courses.

When you sign up for ThriveCart, you’ll pay a one-time base cost of $495. Then, you have the opportunity for a one time fee upgrade of $195. This one time fee grants you access to things like their affiliate center (so others can promote your courses), JV contracts and more. The full list is in a screenshot below. I strongly recommend upgrading to ThriveCart Pro.

Included in Pro

Once you sign up for ThriveCart/Pro you will have access to ThriveCart Learn. You will once again have the opportunity to upgrade your Learn account to pro for a one time fee of $195. 

Pro will allow you to import students, offer bundles and more. I also strongly recommend you upgrade to pro, especially if you will be moving over from a different LMS platform.

Total cost for ThriveCart plus if you go Pro with ThriveCart and ThriveCart Learn = $885. One time fee only. A STEAL of a deal.

What makes customers choose Thrive Cart Learn over other LMS systems

ThriveCart Learn has several advantages that customers often find attractive when choosing a Learning Management System. Some of the most appealing features include an unlimited number of courses, a one-time fee rather than monthly payments, and no need for external hosting. Additionally, ThriveCart Learn is known for having excellent customer service and superior ease-of-use.

The main appeal to many customers is the price tag. For a one-time fee starting at $495 + the two upgrades of $195 each (as of writing this article), customers can access all features including unlimited courses, no fees ever and no hosting required. This makes ThriveCart Learn incredibly cost effective for those who want to offer multiple courses without having to worry about extra costs or exceeding limits.

I have personally made the switch from Teachable to ThriveCart and many of my clients are also making this switch once they realize the power behind the platform. A recent client was over the moon excited to learn of ThriveCart Learn’s unlimited course feature and we switched her over this month.

ThriveCart Learn Conclusion

ThriveCart Learn is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create and deliver online courses. It’s easy to set up, affordable one-time pricing mode and has features that make it stand out from the competition.

You can quickly launch your course business without worrying about advanced tech set up or limited number of courses.

While there are some drawbacks such as not having self hosting capabilities or quiz features yet, these may be outweighed by its cost savings over competitors and ability to track progress on each course sold.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of online courses or need help transferring from another LMS platform, ThriveCart Learn should have everything you need to succeed.

ThriveCart Learn FAQ

Q: Is ThriveCart a course platform?

A: ThriveCart by itself is a checkout page platform. When you sign up for ThriveCart you also get access to ThriveCart Learn, which is the Learning Management System (aka: course platform) portion of ThriveCart which allows you to create and sell digital courses.

Q: How much does ThriveCart Learn cost?

A: The platform starts at a one-time fee of $495 for access to all of ThriveCart + Learn’s features. There are two upgrades (that I highly recommend getting) that are $195 each.

Q: Does ThriveCart Learn have self hosting capabilities?

A: No, it does not currently offer self hosting capabilities. This just means that you will need to upload your videos, audio, documents, etc… to a third party (like Vimeo, Google Drive, etc..) then grab the embed or share link to place into your course.

Q: Is there a quiz feature available?

A: Not yet, but this feature is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Q: What features make ThriveCart Learn stand out from the competition?

A: ThriveCart Learn has many features that make it stand out from the competition, such as easy integration with payment processors and email providers, detailed analytics to track progress on each course sold, checkout page customization options, and more. These are just a few of the reasons why it is the best LMS platform for creating and delivering online courses.

Q: Are there any tips on how to maximize success when launching my online course?

A: Yes! Here are some tips to help you maximize your success when launching your online course with ThriveCart Learn:

  • Promote your course through social media, email campaigns, and other digital marketing strategies.
  • Utilize partnerships and collaborations with influencers and experts in your industry to help spread the word about your course.
  • Offer additional materials or discounts for those who purchase your course early.
  • Promote a free trial period so potential customers can get a feel for what you’re offering before committing to buying.
  • Make sure you’re staying up-to-date on any changes or updates to ThriveCart Learn that could affect your course.
  • Create a community around your online course with forums, Q&As, and comment sections.

Q: Is there any support available if I need help getting started?

A: Yes, ThriveCart Learn offers a variety of support options for users. You can get help via email as well as access to their knowledge base and tutorials. Additionally, they have an active community of customers who are always available to answer questions or provide advice on how to maximize success with your online course.

Q: Can I transfer my current LMS platform to ThriveCart Learn?

A: Yes, it is possible to transfer your existing course content and data. The process can be time-consuming, but well worth it in the end!

Q: Does ThriveCart have an affiliate program?

A: Yes, they offer an affiliate program for those looking to earn additional income from promoting their platform. Affiliates can join ThriveCart’s network and start earning commissions for successful referrals.

Q: How do students access their courses in the platform?

A: After purchasing a course, students are sent an email with a link that gives them access to the ThriveCart Learn platform. From there, they can create an account and log into the platform.

Q: Can you add team members to your account?

A: ThriveCart Learn allows you to add team members to help manage your account and course content. This can be done through an invitation system which sends an email to the person you would like to add. Once they accept, they can start managing your course content and account permissions.

Q: Can you upload audio?

A: You can not directly upload audio to the platform. you would need to save the audio file to a shared space (ie: Google drive) and drop the link to the audio in the applicable course module.

Q: Is ThriveCart Legit?

A: Yes! ThriveCart Learn is a legitimate and respected platform for creating and delivering online courses. I personally use it and many of my client’s do as well.

Q: Does ThriveCart work with WordPress?

A: ThriveCart Learn works seamlessly with WordPress. Because it is a standalone tool, you can easily drop checkout page links in your WordPress pages.

Q: Is there a free trial option?

A: No, there is not currently a free trial option. However, they do offer a 30-day “pays for itself” refund guarantee.

Q: Is ThriveCart better than SamCart?

A: Personal opinion here….I’ve used both extensively and ThriveCart is better than SamCart in many ways. Some reasons why include:

  • ThriveCart is cheaper than one year of SamCart
  • ThriveCart offers an affiliate program for a one-time fee of $195. To activate affiliate options in SamCart you’ll have to be on the Scale plan at $299/month
  • Hands down ThriveCart Learn’s back end functionality beats SamCart Courses by a long shot. I found SamCart courses to not be nearly as intuitive as ThriveCart Learn…what took 4 clicks in SamCart Courses, takes 1-2 in ThriveCart Learn. This made creating courses much easier and less time consuming in ThriveCart Learn.

XO, Krista 

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