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I turn your business into running like a well oiled machine

My superpower is streamlining operations to accelerate growth and free up CEOs from mundane tasks. By leveraging my expertise in uncovering operational deficiencies, I empower businesses with the capacity needed to reach new heights of success.


you’re amazing at what you do…

you’ve built a wildly successful business. But when it comes to day to day operations and project management… well, you feel a little suffocated


you know that creating internal processes and procedures are important…

but you’re just not sure how to do it right (and don’t want to waste time trying to figure it all out yourself)


you’ve tried following the advice…

of all those boss babe business owners, but none of it seems to work for you.

how to work with me…

VIP Days

Accelerate your success with VIP days. Cut through the conventional framework and get inspired by my laser-focused solutions to help you reach ultimate victory. Uncover all of the potential within days, not months — say hello to fast results that lead to extraordinary outcomes. For entrepreneurs who value quality and efficiency.

Six Figure Client Onboarding Process implementation

Make an incredible transformation in your business. Imagine a magical four-five day period where together, we’ll set up powerful client onboarding strategies, tailored to your business goals on day one. Then sit back and relax while I jump into revving things up with systems building, automation setup and tailored training designed just for you and your team over the next three-four days. My six figure client onboarding process is perfect for the boss babe who craves quick, sustainable and impactful solutions that last.


Team Acquisition & Development Framework

You’re drowning in day to day tasks. You desperately want to hire a team but don’t know who to hire let alone how to hire them. The process feels overwhelming. My Team Acquisition & Development VIP Day Package promises to take away your stress. In just one efficient, soulful day we’ll strategize exactly who and what you need in team. Follow that up with two-three days where I create all the tools, resources and framework necessary to find perfect candidate(s) who will become devoted fans of your business. Reclaim precious time AND build an amazing team.


Strategy at it’s finest…

90 Minute Intensive

For the ambitious female entreprenuer looking for the ultimate blueprint that provides clarity and action steps within a winning strategy they can put into play immediately.

Feeling stuck or lost in your business journey? You’re not alone! I understand how daunting and overwhelming it can be to take the next step. That’s why I’ve designed a tailored Intensive just for you – take that first leap of faith into success with me by your side. My 90 Minute Intensive offers support, clarity, and direction whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or making waves in the industry. Bring any topic to our conversations – from systems/automation implementation to client onboarding and/or team development – whatever is needed to get over those jitters and propel forward towards greatness. We’ll create an action plan together so you can confidently execute on what comes up next…you got this.


Voxer Support

For the online business owner who is looking for on demand support while developing or executing their strategy.

Are you feeling lost in the sea of team management, client onboarding and/or tech stack? Don’t fret! Let me be your compass – My Voxer Support packages will help you every step of the way. We’ll tackle obstacles together so that nothing can stand in your way. Book now for a smooth sailing experience.

investment starting at….$777

on demand support and guidance…
At my core…

I am passionate about helping you focus on the things that excite you about your business.

My Style

I’m an informal person by nature,

but I am also VERY good at what I do. Once I understand your business goals, I’ll analyze where your business is today and together we’ll work to get you, and your team, there. 

My Human Design is Manifesting Generator which means I’m a doer by nature and I LOVE to ‘“fix” things. If there is a problem, I’ll solve it (anyone else have “Ice, Ice Baby” in their head now?).  I’m skilled at working on many things at once – a multitasker extraordinaire, one might say.

client testimonial:

“Krista is the yin to my yang. Her mind works in ways that I can’t even fathom and she produces results that have drastically improved how we operate our business.  Because of the system she has set up, we have everything we need to confidently onboard and manage new clients with next to no time or energy from me” 

what makes me unique…

With 15+ years of success in both corporate and entrepreneurial roles, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with any CEO looking to reduce expenses and increase revenue.

My extensive experience as an AVP Project Manager/Performance Consultant at US Bank, plus my 8+ years in business ownership and entrepreneurship have provided me with the invaluable skills to effectively optimize systems, cultivate team environments that emphasize loyalty and create unwavering customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure high quality work, I take on a very limited number of VIP days clients each quarter. Generally speaking, once your VIP day is paid in full, start time is one to two weeks.

For 90 minute intensives, you can generally book that within a week, after your intensive is paid in full and you have submitted the intake form.

Voxer days are more flexible by nature and you can book your day(s) within a few business days of completing your purchase, in most cases.

I predominantly work with female entrepreneurs in the online service based space. This includes all forms of online coaches from business coaching to relationship coaching, manifestation coaching and more.

If you deliver offline services but primarily sell online (ie: photographer, wedding planner, etc..) we may be a good fit! Get in touch and tell me more about what you’re looking for.

I typically do not work with physical product based or tech based companies.

Not at this time.

If you’re interested in a VIP day package, simply click the “Inquire Now” button on the related package. This will take you to a short form where you can share your goals and ask any questions. Once submitted, you can expect to hear back from me with 1-2 business days.

Intensives and Voxer days can be booked directly from the site. Simply click the “Book Now” button on the related product above and you’ll be directed to checkout.

Absolutely! I’m a happy to help. Please use the contact form and I’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

To make the most of your investment, I’d recommend only booking with me if you have been a business for a period of time and have a general knowledge of the power of team dynamics, business systems and operations. No advanced knowledge needed (that’s why I’m here!). If you are brand new to business, my services may not be the best fit just yet (but I’ll be here when you’re ready!)

My VIP Day services are a mid to high four-figure investment. If this is out of reach for you right now, my one-on-one 90 minute intensive or Voxer Support may be exactly what you need! Many clients start with an intensive then add on Voxer support to have someone by their side as they implement the strategy built during the intensive. You can also browse my blog to get free systems, team and client experience tips and tricks.